Live Sketches

Saturday May 20
1pm to 3pm
Greenwich Arts Council, Greenwich Avenue
Open to public.
ONE DAY ONLY! Five professional portrait artists from the prestigious Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists set up their easels for LIVE portrait sketches outside the entrance to the Greenwich Arts Council/Senior Center building. As a special addition to the Arts to the Avenue celebrations sponsored by the GAC, these classical realists will sketch with charcoal, sanguine or oil paint in a series of half-hour sittings. Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn about a classical art form. Come to Greenwich on May 20 and sit for a while!
Oil Sketch
by Jeanine Jackson
Oil on Canvas Board
Portrait artists often sketch from life
as an important exercise in preparing formal commissioned works. Unlike street artists one might
find in a piazza or at a craft fair where drawing often begins with the eyes and other fine details, CSOPA members generally use classical techniques and work "large-to-small." The likeness is secondary to the overall pattern and design that emerges from large shapes and value patterns. Thus, a half-hour sketch by one of our artists may not appear complete, but it will capture the gesture and overall character
of the sitter.

Want more?
Be sure to ask CSOPA artists participating in
Arts to the Avenue about their regular commissioned portraits, portfolios, and price lists.
Pictured are scenes from last year on the Avenue!

CSOPA gratefully acknowledges
the Greenwich Arts Council for their kind invitation to join in their Arts to the Avenue festivities. 

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The New Haircut
by David Luchak

Charcoal on Paper
by Nancy Stember

Pastel on Paper
Sam D'Ambruoso
Nanci France
Dave Luchack
Jeanine Jackson
Moedl with Dave Luchack
Gretchen Tatge
Jackson Model
Nancy Stember with Frank Juliano
Jackson Model
by Jeanine Jackson
Graphite Sketch
by Sam D'Ambruoso
Graphite on Paper
by Nanci France

Charcoal and Pastel
A Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists Community Outreach Program