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Feb. 11, 02, Stamford, CT - CSOPA's first Monday "Meet 'n Critique" participants. Seated (left to right): Nancy Stember, Jeanine Jackson, Sophia James;. Standing (left to right): Toots Grimsley, Grace Devito, Joan Reader.
First Meet n Critique
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CSOPA Cafe' Host
Monthly appearance in the CSOPA Cafe'.
Demonstrators: Established portraitists to open their studios or demonstrate to CSOPA members.

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It's a MyFamily.com Affair -  Members of CSOPA know that our little portrait group is a family. This by-invitation-only site allows us to post news, photos, and general musings in a private setting. Need help signing in?
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Fabulous! Informative! Inspiring! Fun! are just a few of the superlatives that echoed around this astounding event. Don't miss out on the details coming out soon in the PSoA member newsletter.
PSoA CT Ambassador:
Jeanine Jackson
The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists Holiday Party Dec. 11, 2006 at the residence of CSOPA Co-Chair Cindy Wagner in Weston. Pictured front row from left: Lucille Schur, Miriam Shulman, and Regional Leader Diane Aeschliman. Middle steps from left: Director Linda Champanier, Grace DeVito, Helen Roman,  Howard Aaron, and Phyllis Tarlow. Top row from left: Founder Jeanine Jackson, Alison Wachstein, Kelly Birk, Samuel D’Ambruoso, Co-Chair Cindy Wagner, and Elaine Gaskell. The festivities included guests and spouses not pictured, but very much appreciated for their essential  contributions to our portrait family. See this photo in PSoA Newsletter Feb 07!
Boston School Featured
Volume 4 (06)
CSOPA holds it's 50th Meet n Critique: Westport, Feb 12, 2007. Tonight, at the gracious Westport estate of Dr. Rishon Stember and CSOPA Co-Chair, Nancy Stember, CSOPA members will gather to share in camaraderie and craft for the fiftieth time since February, 2002. This tradition combines monthly meetings to discuss the business of holding exhibitions, workshops, membership renwals, etc., with constructive comments on actual paintings in progress or newly completed. Members benefit from the knowledge of their peers in ways to improve their portraits. It is also a social evening for these "birds of a feather" who contribute to a pot-luck buffet dinner. "We welcome the opportunity to 'talk shop' with other portraitists who share our passions and challenges," observes Jeanine Jackson, CSOPA Founder and President Emerita. Many of CSOPA's seventy-five area members report that they have grown to feel like a family, and that their work has collectively improved. Historically, many great aritsts and art movements have benefited from similar camaraderie. Congratulations CSOPA!
May 1, 07, Westport: CSOPA Senior Advisor Robert Anderson, Advisor Ariane Beigneux, Founder Jeanine Jackson, Co-Chairs Cindy Wagner and Nancy Stember meet at The Three Bears restaurant - Ariane's favorite!
May 4, 07 Washington DC: CSOPA members join CSOPA Advisor and PSoA Faculty Member Richard Whitney for breakfast.
Juried Fine-Art Portrait Exhibition
February 8 - March 1, 2008
Gallery Hours: GAC
Free admission

Opening Cocktail Reception
Valentine Theme (Wear red!)
Friday, February 8, 6pm - 8 pm
Free admission, Refreshments

Weekend Portrait Workshops
"The Boston School of Painting"
featuring Richard Whitney & Mary Minifie
February 9 & 10, 2008

Faces of Winter 2008
Greenwich, CT
Honorary Chairpersons: Sophia James and Ruth Gjessing
Event Chairman: Mario Tucci
Daniel Greene will Judge CSOPA's FW08 Portrait Exhibition!

Master Workshops:
Stellar faculty with CSOPA Senior Advisor Robert Anderson and Advisor and Honoree John Howard Sanden spend two days discussing and demonstrating the exquisite Boston School.
Faces of Winter 2008 for details.
July 23, 2007: 53rd Meet n Critique at the Stember estate in Westport. Top: Sophia James, Ariane Beigneux, and John Howard Sanden. Bottom: William Rorick and Jeanine Jackson. The FW08 program draft was approved that historic evening which was attend by 12 members.
CSOPA Members & Partners Holiday Party
Dec 10, 07 in Wilton
Hosted by Co-Chair Cindy Wagner. Front seated: Ariane Beigneux. Row 2 L-R: Nancy Stember, Kelly
Birkenruth, Cindy Wagner,
Alison Wachstein. Row 3 L-R:
Linda Champanier, Laurel Stern
Boeck, Vincent Giarrano. Row 4
L-R: Sam D'Ambruoso, Howard
Aaron. Photo posed by Alison Wachstein and taken by Bob Wachstein.