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Portrait Exhibition
  & Special Events
Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists
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Geary Gallery
& Accent Frames
576 Boston Post Road
Darien, CT

Phone: 203-655-6633
Opening Reception:
Sunday, August 22 6pm-8pm

On view through:
Friday September 10, 2004
August 22, Darien, CT: Pictured above from left: Juror Igor Babailov, Third Place Winner Debbie Hennes, Second Place Winner Diane Aeschliman, CSOPA Founder Jeanine Jackson, CSOPA Advisor Ariane Beigneux, and  CSOPA Treasurer Michel Delafontaine.
A CSOPA members-only juried exhibition featuring selected works by area artists.
Contact the gallery to confirm summer hours or visit their website:
FOR ARTISTS: "SECRETS TO PORTRAITURE - The Russian School" August 18, 19 and 20: 3-day portrait workshop in the Russian tradition featuring IGOR BABAILOV.
Faces of Summer '04 - Catalogue of Selected Paintings

Member Name First Name Title Size Medium
1 Aaron Howard Howard 12X16F Graphite
2 Abbott Monika Tom 40X30 Oil
3 Aeschliman Diane Papillon 50X36 Oil
4 Baragwanath Janice Valentina in Wicker Chair 35X28 Watercolor
5 Bradshaw Martha Mrs.Schwartz 9X12 Oil
6 Byrnes Richard Sue Find UBU 30x26 Oil
7 Compton Eden Katie 16X20 Mixed
8 Corens Greta Girl in Blue Dress 16X20 Oil
9 Delafontaine Michel The Prince 24X36 Oil
10 France Nanci Portrait of Liam 22X34 Oil
11 Gaskell Elaine Avery 30X22-1/2 Oil
12 Hatton Enid Laura 11X14 Oil
13 Hennes Debbie Alex & Tory 36X45 Pastel
14 Jackson Jeanine John Anderson 30x24 Oil
15 James Sophia Michael 30X40 Oil
16 Kissell S. Chandler Old Salt at Sunset F37X31 Oil
17 Masi Liz Jorg Rose 21X27 Pastel
18 McCallum Candice Callie's Christening Graphite
19 McIntyre Laurane Tom and Cats 20.5X25.5 Digital
20 Moriarty Madeleine Alexus Gardella 28X38 Oil
21 Philibert Francis Daughter "Frances" 20X24 Watercolor
22 Phillipps Julie Cameron @ 17 Mos. 17X21 Water
23 Picard Alain Natalia 22X26 Oil
24 Rorick William Tom 32X27 Pastel
25 Schmitz Karen Rebecca 24X30 Oil
26 Stember Nancy Young Boy 14X11 Oil
27 Seutter Dona Talbot La Chatelaine 36 x 24 Oil
28 Taubner Candace Tom 22x28 Pastel
29 Thomas Encarna Barbara 18X24 Oil
30 Tycz Michele C.A.M.I. 28X18 Pastel
31 Wagner Janet Mother (Blessed Teresa) 18X24 Oil
32 Wakeen Sandra Katherine 20x24 Oil
33 Zeller Joyce Benji 24x20 Carbon
"Painting does not exist without drawing. It is the outstanding drawing with its values, which makes the best examples in the History of Fine Art strong and powerful.
  Anyone can copy photos or ready-made images, whether they are black and white or in color; but it is the skill to work from life and particularly to draw from life, which reveals the artist's true "Masterability". Even when you paint you never stop drawing, only this time you do that with the brush. Drawing is the must and the fundamental to learn and to know for anyone, wishing to become a truly Professional Artist.

  That was always the philosophy of the traditional school and such masters as  Bouguereau, Sargent and Repin. And this is the main focus of my workshops, which often distinguishes them from the workshops of others.

  Having sixteen years of formal academic education and after years of teaching experience with students around the world, I can assure you that there are no shortcuts in Visual Art's learning. The traditional and academic method of teaching will enable you to possess the right knowledge and, by practicing, eventually the skills you deserve.

  Just like the masters, you will be able to paint expertly and fast, without wasting your time on fixing mistakes, simply because there won't be any.

  Your education is your investment, invest wisely."
                                                                                                                          Igor V. Babailov

Babailov Portrait Demonstration
Faces of Summer '04 - AWARD WINNERS
Jurors: Igor Babailov, MFA and Marcus Burke, PhD

Diane Aeschliman for Papillon

Joyce Zeller for Benji

Debbie Hennes for Alex & Tory

Michel Delafontaine for The Prince
Nanci France  for Portrait of Liam
Jeanine Jackson for John Anderson l
Sophia James for Michael
Liz Jorg Masi for Rose
Alain Picard for Natalia
William Rorick for Tom
Encarna Thomas for Barbara
Michele Tycz for C.A.M.I.
Sandra Wakeen for Katherine

Babailov Pastel Demo
Babailov Drawing Demo
Papillon by Diane Aeschliman
Benji by Joyce Zeller
Alex & Tory by Debbie Hennes
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